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The comprehensive range of services that we provide includes expertise in the appraisal and sale of Canadian and European paintings, carpets, silver, clocks, sculpture, fine furniture and decorative arts.


Do you collect rare or unusual pieces of art glass, ceramics, furniture or carpets?Is there a specific artist whose works you'd like to add to your collection? We are routinely offered items for immediate private sale. Let us know what you are looking forand we will be happy to act as your agent in helping you to acquire items matching your interests as they become available.

Often Sellers are confronted with time constraints or other factors which require the timely liquidation of single items or entire estates. For some, privacy considerations take precedence in the selling of high value items. Walker's maintains a database of Buyers' interests and other resources which we will be happy to utilize in meeting these needs.

Written valuations for various purposes including Insurance, Family division, Probate and Fair Market Value, and can be undertaken at your residence or at our offices.The fees associated with this service vary depending on circumstances. In the event that items valued by Walker's are sold through our firm within a reasonably short period, a partial rebate of the fee will be made. For further information please contact our offices.

Verbal auction estimates and advice are provided free of charge. This service is performed at our offices, by appointment, or by sending us clear photographs of the objects you may like to sell. For further information please contact us by telephone or fax at 1-613-224-5814,or toll-free within Canada and the U.S. at 1-866-224-5814.

If necessary, we can provide arrangements for premium restoration of paintings and furniture with your approval. Our professionals are the best at their craft and we are able to negotiate a reasonable price when their services are utilized. As an option the direct cost can be deducted from the proceeds of your sale at auction - there is no out-of-pocket cost to you.

When it comes to packing and shipping services, what we sell is convenience and peace of mind. A client will find that they only need to place a call to us and we will take over their packing, shipping and/or delivery problem from there. Many of the items we pack and ship are purchased at our auctions by our clients. However, we also offer to pickup, pack and ship items which are not offered at auction. We can pack and ship items to most countries in the world.

If needed, we will come to wherever the item currently is and pick it up in our truck operating within the Ottawa/Montreal/Toronto region. We will transport your item safely and securely to our Ottawa warehouse. Once in the warehouse, we will then provide an exact price quotation for the packing and transport. Only when a client approves their quote, do we proceed with packing. The item will be packed and/or crated to specifications developed over time which are tailored to each item, no matter how valuable, fragile or awkward the item may be.

Once an item has been properly packed/crated, we will then select the most optimal mode of transportation for shipping the item to its destination. Tracking information is always provided to our clients. If requested, we can provide full value insurance applied to the item the moment it is in our possession or later when it leaves our warehouse. Insurance covers both loss and damage.

We will also offer warehousing and shipping outsourcing services where we will pickup, package, store, warehouse, ship and fulfill items for commercial, industrial and residential customers. We offer same day delivery services for individual pieces within the Ottawa- Gatineau region. Monthly we provide consolidated delivery services between Ottawa - Montreal and Ottawa – Toronto.

Telephone +1.613.224.5814
Toll free 1.866.224.5814 (Canada & US)
Fax +1.613.224.6329
Email info@walkersauctions.com